Chug, throw

Fig 1. ThrowingAlways hold icy-cold beverage in opposite hand* when throwing the Koozball®. Ensure the Koozball® makes it to recipient to avoid embarrassing comments such as “wuss,” and “nice throw, Mom.”

Fig 2. ChuggingInsert an icy-cold beverage into the Koozball®. Hold in preferred hand and drink and/or chug. Start a conversation about how that one team sucks, how your team rocks, or how your fantasy football draft sucks and/or rocks.

*Don't be a moron. Never throw the Koozball® with a can or bottle in the ball, as injury may occur. The Koozball® is not intended for use by children under age 12.


The Koozball® is designed to hold standard-sized aluminum cans. No fancy martini glasses, juice boxes or fishbowls here.

The Tailgate Challenge

Challengee shall swallow whole live goldfish provided someone brought said goldfish and challenger has $50 cash. Goldfish is to be consumed without the aid of the Koozball®.

Too Good To Be Too Good, To Be True

Koozball baby! It's real, it flies, it goes deep, it keeps your drink chilly. Watch the instructional video on how to achieve the tightest of spirals or the coolest of beverages.